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For the last four years I have been working in multinational companies and have been responsible for designing, building, testing and supporting Java applications. Being a key member of my existing team means that I have been put in charge of providing coding and analysis relative to assignments, and performing unit testing on applicable code. I have extensive experience of Java (Core), JavaScript, Java web development, Java/J2EE code, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML, XML , WebServices [soap , rest] and Unit and Integration Testing .I consider myself an expert at resolving application defects, and at testing, debugging, and refining software to produce the required product. I have extensive experience in distributions systems, algorithms, datastructres and problem solving as I am competitive programmer always participate in online judge’s contests on UVA, CodeForces and TopCoder.I am Excellent investigator and troubleshooter as I worked into two different teams Innovation Team @ Etisalat Egypt and R&D Team @ NTG Clarity. On a personal level I have the ability to stay organized and on top of my work at all times. In addition to this I am constantly seeking to improve my skills and am fully aware of the latest developments in the world of Java. Right now I would like to work for a company like yours that has an environment geared towards performance, provides attractive career opportunities, and has an open corporate culture that values and rewards the contributions of its staff.

Senior Java/C++ Software Developer in a company or a research lab, where my experience in programming and software design will contribute to the growth of the organization.


  • Software Developer, innovation [Etisalat Egypt[oustourced from NTG Clraity]]
    August 2015 – Present
    Maintain up to date knowledge of technology market landscape, innovation and trends to develop and propose ideas and resolutions for corporate challenges in order to provide an innovative edge for Etisalat in the market.
  • Software Developer, Research & Design [NTG Clarity Egypt 2014 – 2015]
    Design and build frameworks from scratch or using existing java technologies to make the development process for the company developers easier and make it faster.
  • Software Developer, [Arab-Tc 2012-2013]
    Web development team using PHP and MySQL.
    Build and published a lot of web sites using PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS and java script.

Computer Science
University of Ain Shams, Egypt [May 2013]

  • B.S.E. From Faculty of Computer and Information Science with Major in Computer Science, May 2013.
  • Graduate Coursework: Neural Networks; Pattern Recognition; Image Processing; Compiler; Simulation; Statistics; Computational Theory, Object Oriented Programming.
  • Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems; Algorithms; Databases; Artificial Intelligence; System Analysis; Computer Architecture; Calculus III;Structred Programming; Discrete Math; DataStructres; physics.

Languages, Technologies and Concepts

  • Java[expert]:Cores,JSF,EJB,JPA,Hibernate,Vaadin,Wicket.
  • Python[advanced].
  • C++[advanced]; C;C#.NET[advanced];.
  • PHP[advanced] :Symfnoy2,Doctrine2.
  • JavaScript[advanced]:AngularJS,Jquery;
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL,MongoDB.
  • Cloud Platform : IBM BlueMix [Fluent] ,Google App Engine [intermediate ]
  • Programs &IDES: Visual Studio; Code Blocks; Eclipse,NetBeans,Toad,Pgadmin ,SoapUI.
  • Concepts: OOA/OOD (UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring), Multithreading/Multiprocessing, Networking, Agile methodologies,RestFull;SOAP;XSLT; XML (XSD) Schema; Socket Programming, HTTP/S and data encryption, Linux ,Shell Scripting.

Technical Experience

Full Portfolio


  • Instructor (University of Ain Shams 2015):Gave a summer JEE Training for the faculty students. The course was covering below points:
    -OOP review main concepts like inhertance , polymorphism, Encapsulation.
    -JDBC framwork.
    -Singletone Design Pattern
    -Introduction to web concepts
    -Http protocol , html &css basics
    -mentor a simple Web project to enable students apply above concepts and technology
  • Instructor (University of Ain Shams 2015): Web development summer Training for the faculty students. The course was covering below points:
    -Introduction to web development concepts
    -HTTP 1.1 protocol , HTML &CSS basics.
    -HTML Forms
    -MYSQL queries , table relations ,…etc.
    -PHP and MYSQL connection , manipulating database ,..etc
    -mentor a simple eCommerce Web project to enable students apply above concepts and technology .
  • ACM (Trainee): Solveing ACM problems in different scopes Math, Algorithms, Datastructres…on online judges.
  • 1st Prize, Apply Simulations models: Awarded 1st prize for building Simulation models using C#.
  • 4th Prize, License Plate Recognition: using image processing science to detect and recognize cars license plate.